Phantom Brave: We Meet Again delayed to add Japanese voices

We’ve gotten word from Nippon Ichi that they’ve decided to delay their Wii title Phantom Brave: We Meet Again back until August 4th. The reason being, they’ve listened to the requests of their fans and included a dual-language option in the Wii title. So, implementing all that has set them back a bit from their original launch date towards the end of June.

I’m rather happy that they’ve decided to include this. With a lot of J-RPGs, there tends to be the problem of mediocre voice acting a lot of the time — similar to the US anime industry. I can’t be surprised, seeing as the actors don’t get paid SAG rates because the companies are too small to afford them, so they have to work with smaller, non-guild actors. Plus, it gives me a chance to listen to the Japanese voices and get some listening practice in.

How do you prefer to play/watch games and shows? I know a lot of people who are into Japanese voices only, but my personal preference is based on setting — if it’s set in Japan, I’d prefer Japanese voices. If it’s set in America or say, 18th century France, then I’d prefer English.