Phantasy Star Universe gets expansion in November, no one seems to notice

Ambition of the Illuminus, the upcoming expansion for Phantasy Star Universe, will be available for download via Xbox Live November 20th for $20. However, if you don’t have an Xbox and want to play it for PS2 or PC, the retail version will set you back $39.95. Seems unfair somehow, doesn’t it? All this just to go chat with Japanese players disguised as cat people speaking unintelligible English.

I am a hardcore Phantasy Star fan from its Genesis days, so anything with Phantasy Star in the title has garnered my interest since. I was actually disgusted when I tried to play this game. Not only was the interface initially confusing and odd, but the people playing the game when I logged in made annoying WoW players look like the most pleasant people you’ve ever met. Maybe I just had a bad experience, but frankly I think this MMO series is mostly unplayed for a reason.

[Via Wired]

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