Phantasy Star Online 2 hits 500,000 downloads on PS4, still isn’t coming west dammit


After enjoying the original Phantasy Star Online for many years, both offline by way of split-screen and online, I was thrilled to hear that there would be a true sequel on a modern day console. But likewise, years have passed since then, and it still hasn’t come west. You can easily download a translated international version since it’s free-to-play, but it isn’t the same (for me at least), as many of my friends aren’t going to partake unless it’s an official release.

Meanwhile, Phantasy Star Online 2 has hit 500,000 downloads on PS4 in Japan alone in less than a year. At this point there have been a ton of updates and content added to it, and Sega is so happy with this new milestone that they’re adding even more.

So happy that they’ll announce updated news on the localization soon? No? Okay. In the meantime I’ll continue to rally for it. Sega could theoretically collapse and sell off its IP, THQ style, and I’d still be sending letters to whatever publisher buys PSO to do it. Capcom, maybe? It would be a great compliment to Monster Hunter.

Phantasy Star Online 2 [Sega via Gematsu]

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