Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud is out now on Switch in Japan

Just swap regions

Phantasy Star Online 2 just arrived on Switch, but wait! There’s caveats.

First off it’s only available on the Japanese eShop, which isn’t that big of a problem if you have a cross-region account — though the Japanese text might give you some trouble (this is assuaged with the PC edition’s unofficial localization patches). Next, it’s actually called Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud, because it’s a cloud-based platform that’s allowing you to play.

On one hand you don’t need to download huge chunks of updates that take up space on your hardware, and you can share progress across the PC, PS4, and Vita platforms. On the other, you can only reach a framerate of 30FPS at best, and lag will really mess with your ability to play — some Japanese users are even reporting these issues in the east.

Okay so it’s been 3000 years nearly six years since PSO 2 launched on PC in Japan, and now it’s available on nearly everything but the Xbox platform. Can we…get a localization? Make another Sonic Mania to help pay for it if you have to, Sega.

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