Phan-made Persona 5 tabletop game squeezes the RPG into 30 minutes of fun

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Header Image: Box art commissioned from MangAsep

Talented tabletop game designer Brother Ming has created a great looking new game based on Atlus smash-hit RPG Persona 5. The Unofficial Persona 5 Phan-Game includes characters and events from the Phantom Thieves escapades, whilst capturing the slick style of Persona 5’s unique look.

The game can be played alone (yes!) or in co-op with a friend if you have one. Taking only around 30-40 minutes to for one session, players select a Phantom Thief and have one in-game month take down one of three bosses; creepy gym asshole Kamoshida, art wanker Madarame, or shady businessman Okumura.

Players use cards to build stats, battle foes and infiltrate the palace. You can even call on Persona 5’s famous confidants for help (including best goof Ichiko Ohya). As in the original PS4 title, time management is of the utmost importance, balancing out your school life with your antics in Mementos. It’s an awesome endeavour, and a helluva lot more creative than yet more Funko Pops.

Best of all, the game is free! You can download and print out the game direct from Brother Ming’s site, or you can play it in Steam release Tabletop Game Simulator.  For more info on Brother Ming’s games, you can visit his website and Patreon account.

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