Pew pew pew! Namco Bandai trademarks ‘Time Crisis’

Namco Bandai has filed a new trademark for its light gun shooter Time Crisis, which could mean nothing more than a company protecting a name.

But those who want to speculate (and sure we do, why not?) might hope for something a little bit more. Perhaps a new Time Crisis title to utilize Project Natal or PlayStation Move technology? And hey, where’s a Time Crisis game for the Wii? They’ve already got that fancy plastic shell.

Having never been a huge fan of the Time Crisis games (I can only on-rails “pew pew” so many times), I can’t say I’m jumping out of my chair hoping for an E3 reveal. Time Crisis Strike that was just released on the iPhone is about my speed; what more could you want, Time Crisis fans?

superannuation [Tumblr]

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