Peter Molyneux fractured a dog: Discusses Fable II’s low points

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Peter Molyneux has earned himself a reputation for being a bit of a hype-maestro, often building unrealistic expectations for his videogames by getting too excited and making wild promises. After his confession about Fable II‘s negative points, however, one can’t accuse the man of not trying to lower the hopes of fans. From poor lip-syncing to a “fractured” dog, Molyneux ‘fesses up.

“There are low spots in the game and it’s no one’s fault that these low spots are there, it’s just that there’s a lot to this game. You’ve got to remember that we’re not building a corridor game here where you can say ‘right, in one hour fifteen minutes, someone’s going see that light and we’re going make that light like this.’

“I think the lip-sync is pretty bad, you know, the quality of the animation falls off, you know, quite a lot, I think the navigation can be a bit dodgy sometimes, I think the dog can get a bit fractured sometimes. But those are sideline issues, you’re not going to care about those, they’re technical issues, and I wish we’d had time to polish every single tiny second of the game.”

Molyneux admitted that there are “things to criticize” in Fable II but insists that he is still “incredibly proud” of what he and his team have created. The British mastermind also stated that by not trying to cram as many features as possible into one game, he hasn’t repeated the mistakes made with the original Fable

A rare show of humilty from the Hypemaster General, although he’s obviously confident enough in the overall product that he feels comfortable pointing out the problems. Damn his lyp-sync talk though, because I know that the second I start playing the game, I won’t be able to stop myself watching the characters’ mouths.

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