PETA’s most animal-friendly game of the year? The Sims 3

On this slow New Year’s Eve, we only received one press release. From PETA. The group wanted to spread the word about their named game for the most animal-friendly title of the year. It’s The Sims 3.

I’m just going to let this speak for itself:

In the latest version of the biggest-selling gaming franchise ever, Electronic Arts allows players to choose a vegetarian lifestyle. According to game testers, vegetarian Sims, like their real-life counterparts, live longer, age more slowly, and feast on cruelty-free delights—from tofu dogs to ratatouille. And, like all great art, The Sims 3 imitates life—if your Sim eats meat, it will get sick.

Hear that, Meaties? Eat it and get sick. Last year’s…award went to Fable 2, as in it when you ate fruits and vegetables you gained purity points, while meat gave you corruption points.

Tonight I’ll be corrupt and become sick, as I’m dining on pork chops for dinner.

Dale North