Petadachi is a cute animal-raising sim from the creator of Mutant Mudds

And then Treasurenauts is next, right?

Since the release of Totes the Goat in 2015, developer Atooi and its founder, Jools Watsham, have really made the most out of the game’s simple, but lovely, voxel graphics. The same art style has found its way into subsequent Atooi titles like Soccer Slammers and Knight Fright, both of which provided some arcade-friendly action to Switch and mobile gamers. Next year, the developer is looking to give players something a bit more substantial with Petadachi.

The premise is pretty simple: you get a pet, and you raise it. Find out its likes and dislikes, take it exploring with you, and be sure to give it plenty of love. From the trailer below, it looks to be another relaxing addition to the Switch catalog.

Petadachi will launch sometime in 2021 for Nintendo Switch. Limited Run Games will be handling the physical release of the title.

Petadachi [Atooi]

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