Pet Sematary becomes an iPhone game, hilarity ensues

In what is surely the biggest WTF moment of the day, Paramount Digital Entertainment decided adapting Pet Sematary into an iPhone game was a smart move. I’m still trying to figure out whether to laugh or to cry; perhaps I should do both.

The game received a relatively intricate press release, which you aren’t going to care about, except for one key line I’d like to highlight: “Players in Pet Sematary take on the role of a lone hero uninterested in becoming cat food.” This just keeps getting better.

Constant tapping makes up most of the shoot-anything-that-looks-evil gameplay, which makes perfect sense for Pet Sematary‘s $0.99 asking price. The terrible thing is, if I owned an iPhone I would inevitably get this game out of curiosity alone.

Jordan Devore
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