Perverts Rejoice: Princess Maker 5 disturbs its way onto the PSP

According to a listing found by PSPHyper on Japanese retail website Rakuten, Princess Maker 5 Portable is set to release in Japan on September 25. Princess Maker 5 Portable is the PSP rendition of the original Princess Maker 5 that hit the PS2 in Japan last year. It may be safe to assume that this PSP title will probably not hit outside of the country after the very understandable issues with the localization of Princess Maker 2.

Princess Maker 5 for the PS2 was a noted adjustment in the series, as it allowed players to finally be able to schedule their women on a weekly timeline, instead of that pesky monthly one. It also featured better options on telling the budding princess what to think and do. If you’re a bit lost, don’t feel bad. The game really snags on our societal norms. The point of the entire series is to usher a young girl into womanhood by controlling her every behavior. In this regard, it is a bit of a simulator and strategy game.

If there is one thing I have always wanted to do with my new PSP, it’s teach a girl how to be a woman. Seriously, what the hell? Judging from the selection of artwork also available from Rakuten, there might be more to this title than meets the eye, and frankly, that scares me.

Brad BradNicholson