Persona PSP website launches, teases new music

If you regularly read Destructoid you know that we’re pumped for the upcoming release of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona for the PSP. We’ve seen this re-imagining of the original PlayStation RPG and we can say that it’s good.

Today, Atlus has launched a huge web-based tease for the September 22nd release of Persona PSP. The new webpage has teaser placeholders for the game’s story and characters. It also includes wallpapers (even a PSP wallpaper) and other images as well a few choice screenshots.

Music fans: there are two samples from the brand new soundtrack, created by series composer Shoji Meguro. Both are great, but I really dig the second one, which has that signature J-pop with vocals sound that we’ve come to know over the past couple of series games. These samples get me excited for the full two-disc sountrack to be packaged in with the game.

Check out the Persona PSP webpage for yourself.

Dale North