Persona 5 uses Atlus’ internal engine

Persona 5 is a real thing. No series fan is surprised by that, but it’s good to hear something solid after this wait. 

Atlus producer Katsura Hashino spoke to Famitsu and said that preliminary development for Persona 5 (which he referred to as “the next numbered title”) is nearly complete. Andriasang says that from here, the staff will move into the actual development process. Hashino will be the director, Shigenori Soejima is the character designer, and Shouji Meguro is up for music again.

Team Persona used a third-party engine for Catherine, but this next Persona will use a new internal engine. Hashino says that this will allow for smooth game making, but he warns that we should expect a lengthy wait for the game’s release.


Dale North