Persona 5 Royal will let players give gifts to their Best Boy

But how can Joker gift himself?

Persona 5 Royal launches in Japan tomorrow, but there’s still new tidbits of information to be garnered from a news article in Famitsu. We already know that the revisit to Atlus’ best-selling RPG will include new characters, a hub world, new locations, battle mechanics, and personas themselves, but here’s a few more last-minute deets.

In regards to Confidants, Atlus recommends that those wishing to complete all Confidants in a single run capitalise on the revamped phone call system. It has been previously noted that the evening period will be a little less restrictive than before, allowing for more social opportunities. Finally, players can now offer gifts to the fellas, so you can treat your best boy with presents to help boost their Confidant status. However, Atlus has still offered no word as to whether male characters will be dateable, which feels like a “No”.

From a fight standpoint, there has been an overhaul of some of P5’s tactics, so it’s possible that sure-fire strategies you had locked down before may not be as effective anymore. On the positive front, flitting from cover to cover now allows you to travel through enemies, somewhat speeding up progress through the labyrinths. The weirdly draconian rules toward streaming and screengrabs will be relaxed a little, allowing content to be shared from events that take place in December on the in-game calendar.

Persona 5 Royal launches on PS4 in Japan October 31, before heading west in spring 2020.

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