Persona 5 quickly eclipses 1.5 million shipments

Battle for Everyone’s Sales

Just a few days after the worldwide release, Persona 5 has moved over 1.5 million copies. For context, the only single Persona game that has reached over one million worldwide lifetime sales so far is Persona 4: Golden. Atlus added that they will continue to create non-video game Persona content such as concerts.

Atlus has given the series tremendous support over the years, creating multiple reiterations with loads of extra content, concerts, stageplays, anime, movies, merchandise, and spin-off games that explore the existing characters and worlds in new genres. I’m looking forward to seeing what Atlus has in store for the Persona 5 universe as well as playing the game itself…even though I’ve been spoiled already (which had nothing to do with screenshots or streaming). 

『ペルソナ5』全世界累計セールス150万本突破! [Official Persona Channel]

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