Persona 4 sneak peek? This is not what we had in mind

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series fans already have their calendars marked for the first week of December, when the fourth chapter of the series will be released. It’s not like we need promotional material or “sneak peeks” to sell us, but we’ll look anyway, right?

We heard that the Atlus Japan Web page had a sneak peek of Persona 4, but after checking it out, we think that “sneak peep” is a better name. Really, the only thing you’ll get a peek at is character Chie Satonaka… bathing.

Remember the onsen (Japaese hot springs bath) scenes from Persona 3? Well, in this promotional Flash game, you’re back at the springs, but you’re not bathing. No, you’re peeping at Chie through a peep hole. To play, click the peep hole in time with the beat to raise your heart meter. If done right, you’ll get an eyeful. 

Protip: click in double time (eighth notes, for you music nerds) for a better chance at a peep.

Dale North