Persona 4 reimagined with popular anime Gurren Lagann

You’ve got to love what the inspiration of a fan can result in. In the video examples you see after the jump, you’ll see the art (called eyecatches) of the immensely popular anime series Gurren Lagann modified to feature all the characters and bosses from Persona 4. If you’ve seen the show and finished the game, these will be sure to amaze you, but I must warn anyone who hasn’t finished the game: THIS VIDEO WILL SPOIL THE ENDING OF THE GAME FOR YOU. Don’t click it if you haven’t seen it!

Both videos popped up on Japanese video community Nico Nico Douga, where you can find all manner of incredible fanworks if you can read a little of the language. Or you can just read Japanator, where we do the work for you and post the videos anyway.

[Via Unangbangkay’s cblog]

Colette Bennett