Persona 4 is the most wanted game to anime adaption

Sure, there’s games we all love so much that we play them multiple times just to get back in the atmosphere — I know I have, and I’m sure some of you have too. If you could have an anime made of any of those games though, which would it be? Dengeki Online recently polled their readers to that effect, and it looks like Persona 4 tops the list, with many other solid contenders following:

     1. Persona 4
     2. Phoenix Wright
     3. Okami
     4. Kingdom Hearts
     5. Idol Master
     6. Metal Gear Solid
     7. Yakuza
     8. BlazBlue
     9. Persona 3
     10. Atelier Rorona 

If you’ve seen Persona: Trinity Soul, you know the format already adapts well, so I can easily envision the characters of Persona 4 in other adventures. I have a feeling we won’t see this though. My other most wanted on that list would be Phoenix Wright, Okami, Persona 3 and BlazBlue. Off thelist, I’ll take Fragile, Muramasa, anything featuring Tingle, and the further adventures in the worlds of Rhythm Tengoku and Rhythm Heaven. And while we’re floundering around in extreme fantasy, I’d also like a butler to make me breakfast every morning.

[Via Andria Sang]

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