Persona 3 Portable’s box and character art make my day

I’m easy. These few images are enough to make my day. When it comes to Persona 3, just knowing that it might eventually come my way in portable form makes my day. Seeing this cover art and a couple of screens makes the sun shine brighter. My vision seems clearer. Dog sh*t stinks less. McDonald’s tastes a bit better. I’m a simple man like that.

Behold the new dual-gender P3P box art, just revealed for Japan (full image in our gallery below). Famitsu got the first look at the cover of the upcoming Atlus RPG, set to release in Japan on November 1st.  Looks great, doesn’t it? I think Takeba is taking a back seat to the new female protaginist, though. I don’t know how I feel about that yet. 

In related news, Famitsu is hosting a P3P blog, and a recent entry by the game’s character designer, Soejima Shigenori, reveals some great art of the newly updated cast. In his latest blog post, he said he had to fudge around a few times before he came up with a good female lead character. He also noted that the original design for the female character was simply a female version of the male character, same hair and all. In the end, I think Soejima did a great job.

Atlus, hurry up and localize this!

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