Persona 3 dorm found in Persona 5 (Update)

Akihiko Senpai was nowhere to be found

[Update: Word has gotten out that the Persona 3 dorm assets were not a discovery, but actually someone’s custom mod work. I was fooled like many others by the internet. Sorry for getting anyone’s hopes up, but this is still pretty cool.]

Yesterday, a YouTube user posted a video showing the lobby floor from the Persona 3 dormitory buried off in a corner of Persona 5.

No textures are applied, but it’s certainly the old dorms. All that’s missing is Akihiko talking about protein.

You can probably chalk this whole thing up to testing the engine. Some quickly rendered assets tucked away in a corner by the developer that they never thought we would see. Then again, we could speculate wildly and say it’s a sign we might be getting a proper remake of Persona 3

As much as I’d love to play Persona 3 on my PlayStation 4 I wouldn’t get my hopes up, but it’s nice to dream.

Persona 5 Mods [YouTube]

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