Persona 2 PSP gets quests modes from a theater?

Here’s one more reason to lust over the upcoming PSP version of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. It seems that a sort of quest mode has been added to the game, which is set to release in Japan on April 14. The Theater Mode lets you visit a theater in town, Climax Theater. This theater’s movies are supposed to be so real that they’re like experiencing real life. This is actually how you’ll go on quests — by watching ‘movies.’ Famitsu details one of the quests, which was actually headed up by Devil Summoner series director Kazuyuki Yamai.

In these quests you can earn rare items and boost your stats as well as level up your interactions with the theater’s guide, Motoko Mitsugi. Andriasang says that your theater level determines how Motoko will deal with you. How very Persona 3/4! 

Hearing about this increased depth makes me want this game even more. This is on top of the previously announced upgrades.

Let’s do this, Atlus USA. This and Catherine need to be formally announced.

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