Perfect World is closing RaiderZ next month

It doesn’t have a developer

Come August, there will be one less monster-hunting game for PC.

“Over the past weeks, RaiderZ has seen a few different instances where the game has had issues with the server,” said Perfect World Entertainment in a blog post. “In the past, we have been working with MAIET, the developer of RaiderZ, in order to troubleshoot and solve issues to keep the game available for the players. Unfortunately, MAIET is no longer operating anymore.”

This has put the publisher in an awkward position, one that’s made it “very difficult to troubleshoot any issues that happen to RaiderZ.” Rather than bring in another studio or simply leave the mess as is, Perfect World intends to shut the game down on August 7, 2015 at 10:00pm Pacific.

“All RaiderZ payments dated back to May 7 will be refunded 100% to your Arc Account Balance, which can be spent in any of our PWE games. We have also reduced prices of all items in RaiderZ‘s item shop to one ZEN for those who are still able to connect to the game and play. All players who have logged-in during the past 30 days will be granted 1000 in-game currency to use on the item shop prior to the shutdown. This transfer will happen today, July 8.”

RaiderZ Shutdown Notice [Perfect World]

During my search for a header image, I found this official screenshot:

I’d (try to) say something clever but I’m utterly baffled. What is this?

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