Perception Kickstarter hits $100K, devs release new ‘found footage’ teaser

Bluff Witch Project

As the Kickstarter campaign for Perception celebrates hitting $100K, the development team behind the upcoming horror game has released a new “found footage” trailer video.

The video — which will feel familiar in a Blair Witch Project-esque kind of way — is a faux documentary accounting the urban legend of Echo Bluff in Gloucester, MA.

The five-minute video interviews locals around the town, and then accounts for the last known whereabouts of journalist student Leigh Jennings before she mysteriously disappeared.

The first-person horror adventure places you in the shoes of visually-impaired Cassie, who uses echo-location to navigate her environment via “unique, hide-and-seek gameplay” in a story that occurs across many eras.

At the time of writing, Perception’s Kickstarter has just breached $100,000. There’s two weeks left to raise the additional $20,000 the team wants to secure. For more details — including a fantastic selection of backer rewards — head on over to the Kickstarter page. 

Vikki Blake