People like $4 games; Burger King trio are massive success

It should come as a shock to no one that Burger King’s recent foray into console gaming was a huge success. The three titles (Sneak King, Pocketbike Racer and Big Bumpin’) combined for 3.2 million in sales, and according to an article at the Hollywood Reporter, this may be the only type of video-game-based advertising that actually works.

We’ve spoken out against in-game ads before, and we stand firm in our resolute hatred of fliers for Subway restaurants showing up in Halo, but if a company wants to offer people competent, fun games for $4 a piece, that just happen to tie into their product somehow, we will accept them with open arms.

Unless that company is Vagisil.

(Editor’s Note: I realize that I’ve used that picture before, but if there is one thing that the Internet has taught me, it’s that nothing is funnier than pictures of cats with words added to anthropomorphize them. — Nex)

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