People are still having issues with NieR: Automata on PC

2B, But Not PC (NSFW)

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Look, there might be a bit of NSFW content involving 2B and a donkey below, just saying.

Bayonetta came out on PC recently and was lauded as a pretty good port over all, but not without its issues. There were annoying performance problems, unexplained frame drops, and generally a bunch of dicking around in the games settings needed to be done in order to get it in a playable state for many people.

I was included in that mess and had a hell of a time getting it going. So much in fact that I had to request a refund at the time. Checking up on the Steam discussion board, it looks like the majority of the issues have been patched. However, this is not true for PlatinumGames newest title NieR: Automata which has had issues on the PC since launching back in March with white screening, artifacting, broken anti-aliasing and overall performance problems plaguing the ass-tastic title. A user named Kaldaien took it upon themselves to put out a patch to fix some of the issues, but officially nothing concrete has been released from the developers to address the brunt of the problem.

At this point, the game has been out for over three months, and there is no apparent intent to fix it. While many people are implementing the aforementioned user made work around, it’s disappointing to think that there are a lot of people who can’t get it functioning properly regardless after paying full price. I mean, how can you reasonably expect anyone to ogle 2B’s arse if they’ve got artifacts and shit all over their screen? Get real.

I’d really like to see developers and publishers get their shit together before ports are released to ensure it is working on as much different hardware as possible. It’s a real kick in the face to buy a game day one only to be promised a patch that ends up doing dick all to actually address the issues at hand. Both Bayonetta and Vanquish, PlatinumGames releases published by Sega have been treated with the love and respect they deserve on PC even if they weren’t perfect at time of release. While players can mess around with settings and disable anti-aliasing to correct some of the problems, I think it’s unacceptable people should have to go through that kind of leg work just to get a PC game running at the same level of performance as a console.

No “PC master race” bullshit intended.

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