People are doing some awesome things in the Overwatch beta

Play of the Game

Overwatch is clearly built, as Cliffy B puts it, on the “mad libs of combat” principle. Blizzard created a “Play of the Game” mechanic at the end of every match to showcase particularly impressive players so that they can share it online and generate more interest. It works.

Here are some cool plays that we found around the web, and an explanation of each for people who don’t play. You should play though, because it just hit its open beta phase last night!

Derived from Smash Bros. but used as a general gaming term, a “Wombo Combo” is when players use skills in tandem with one another (usually ultimates) to set up an entire team and one-shot them. In this video, the enemy team is held in place by Zarya’s black hole ultimate, and then Pharah, the flying rocket-packing hero, unleashes her missile barrage ultimate.

This is D.Va, a character that starts off in a mech, but can be taken out of it if enough damage is dealt to her. Here, she built up her in-mech ultimate, a suicide explosion of sorts. This player used her boost to fly up in the air a bit, then triggered the ultimate, sending it near an enemy spawn point. After playing the game enough you’ll learn roughly how often D.Va can use her explosion ult and you’ll be more aware of it happening. Or, by way of watching this video, you’ll learn that you can actually fling it like this. [via @happyneedo]

The robot you see below is Bastion. This play is a pretty standard one, as Bastion’s ultimate transforms him into a tank and he just clears out a team. But it’s especially funny given the troll spray paint tag at the end, which players can customize and trigger with the press of the “T” key on PC. [via kharnna]

Next up is Reinhardt, one of the most interesting characters in the game. He’s a melee-centric defensive tank, and here, he’s using his main offensive skills. First he uses his ultimate to slam the ground and stun an enemy team, then he rushes them with a standard ability and charges them off a cliff. It’s important to always be aware of what’s behind you when you’re playing a Reinhardt or a Lucio. [via @symphunny]

Ah, the joy of counterpicking. This one is for people who complain about Bastion, who can morph into a stationary turret that deals tons of damage. Just pick Genji, who can deflect his bullets (and just about everything except laser attacks) back at him. [via @frequency25x]

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