Penny-Punching Princess out now, receives frantic launch trailer

Calculated carnage

NIS America has finally released action-RPG title Penny-Punching Princess. The colourful adventure, which launched in Europe last week, is now available in North America, with the publisher putting out a fast-paced launch trailer to celebrate.

Penny-Punching Princess sees players in the adorably grumpy role of the titular Princess (and her pal Isabella), whose mad economical skills and wizard mathematical abilities allow her to take down waves of enemies through the power of financial manipulation. When all else fails, you always have the universal language of a good ol’ right hook.

It’s a really pretty game and a fun experience to boot. I myself am amazing at budgeting and making the most of my dollar, the problem is I just rarely ever have any money to begin with, but at least I can live vicariously through this thrifty lass and her dungeon-clearing ways.

Penny-Punching Princess is available now on PS Vita and Nintendo Switch.

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