PEGI lists Call of Duty for XBLA/PSN

According to one of PEGI’s ratings, Call of Duty is heading to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in the near future. The game is rated 16+, but outside of that, we have little to go on. 

Whether or not this is the original Call of Duty or a brand new one designed for digital download is unclear, but our money is on the former. A reissued Call of Duty is bound to be easy money, and Activision loves itself some of that stuff. 

Would you buy the original Call of Duty for your 360 or PS3? I never really cared about the series until Infinity Ward came up with Modern Warfare, but I might be interested in digging up the series’ roots. While you mull this over, do make sure to check out the news about Modern Warfare 2, which we ran last night.

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