Peggle’s App Store price slashed, now less than a dollar

PopCap Games’ iPhone slash iPod Touch title Peggle is less than a dollar on the App Store and will remain so until June 14.

The title debuted on the App Store in May for $4.99. So, that means you save money if you choose to buy now.

Just to be clear: there’s no need to be apprehensive about the port. The touch controls are responsive and allow for precise shots. Plus, just about everything sane players love about Peggle has made the platform hop: the ridiculous tune “Ode to Joy,” the dramatic slowdown, the character, and the mind-numbing addictiveness. It’s nice, we promise.

Peggle has been sucking our batteries since release. How many of you have played PopCap Games’ mini-hotness? What do you think? Are any of you jumping on this bargain?

[via MTV Multiplayer]

Brad BradNicholson