Peggle to go mobile, batteries to die mid-call

I just came back from an industry event where we seemed to talk more about casual game Peggle than the games we were there to see. Sorry about that, event holders. We liked your games!

There’s just something about PopCap’s mix of pinball and pachinko that is stupidly addicting, and that addiction is sure to spread when the game hits mobile platforms. PopCap announced today that Peggle Mobile has already hit some mobile carriers in the US and UK, and is slated to come to several more carriers “in the coming weeks.”

The press release does a crap job of listing what carriers have or will have Peggle Mobile. We’ve contacted PopCap to see if they can give us a rundown of who has what. I was fully prepared to ruin my workday by playing an iPhone version, but a search shows that it’s not available yet. 

[Update: PopCap tells us that there’s no iPhone support at this time. Sad Pandas.]

Dale North