Peggle the new Bejeweled, coming to everything ever, XBLA this month

We love Peggle. A lot. If PopCap wants to bring it to every platform known to man, far be it from us to complain, and we certainly won’t. 

First off, Peggle Dual Shot for the Nintendo DS hits retail today, so you can stop reading this and go buy that. But if you don’t want to leave the house, later this month Peggle comes to both Xbox LIVE Arcade and iPhone. Then in April, Peggle Nights for the PC hits retail. And then in May PopCap will be bringing a version of Peggle to Android-based devices, which is good news for me, since I happen to own one of those. I like Peggle so much, I’ll happily drain my battery to play it. 

So yeah, PopCap is going Peggle crazy. They call it “Peggle Fever,” and to celebrate, tey’re holding some sort of a art contest where you can win merchandise, games, and a trip to PopCap’s Seattle headquarters. You just need to design new Peggle characters, levels, and power-ups. Simple, right? Get to it.

You know what they say? Mo’ Peggle, mo’ problems. OK, they don’t say that at all, do they?

[Update: I went back in time and wrote this story, which originally stated that Peggle would be coming to XBLA and iPhone next month. It is, in fact, coming this month.]

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