Peggle on iPhone: Five levels for free from Peggle Nights

Ah, PopCap. I know what you’re doing with this one. See, I’ve played a bit of Peggle in my day, and I know as well as you do that you can’t just play five levels of Peggle and then call it quits. You have to have more. You have to hear that majestic chorus at least one more time. Two more times. I’m on to you, PopCap.

They’ve announced an update for Peggle for the iPhone today that will include Peggle Nights. New and existing users can enjoy five levels of Peggle Nights for free. If you love it — and you will — you can unlock the full Peggle Nights game via an in-app purchase. 

If you haven’t bought Peggle for iPhone or iPod Touch yet, know that the new Peggle Nights content will be included with any new purchases. 

The App Store is the only place you can buy crack for $0.99.

Dale North