Peggle Nights add-on hitting LIVE on November 18

Two days from now, PS3 owners are getting their chance to sniff the Peggle-powder with the planned release of Peggle and the paid add-on Peggle Nights over PSN. The simultaneous release of Peggle Nights is a nice treat — owners of the Xbox LIVE version of the core game have been waiting a long time for the add-on. But as was promised millennia ago, Peggle Nights is indeed coming to LIVE.

And it’s coming before the PSN version launches.

Earlier this afternoon, developer PopCap Games announced that the Peggle Nights add-on launches over Xbox LIVE on the morrow, debuting at 400 MSP — a stellar price for a host of fresh(er) content that should keep you biting your fingernails in frustration during the hours not spent playing the game and paying attention to dumb stuff like the phone, e-mail or work


Brad BradNicholson