Peep this: Mario and Wii Sports get immortalized as Peeps

Seeing as it is Easter and I enjoy pushing over small children in order to defeat the Easter Bunny’s nefarious attempts to hide eggs throughout my house I am taking the day off. However, I figured I would leave you with some Easter gaming fun courtesy of the Washington Post Magazine‘s fourth annual Peeps diorama contest.

Every year the Post holds a contest around Easter that tasks people with creating a clever diorama featuring Peeps. While the winner is an epically awesome Peep recreation of the house from Up, some people turned in videogame related Peep dioramas.

The Mario one above is featured on the contest page along with a Wii Sports replication, but with more than 1,100 entries and pop culture oozing out of every single one we can safely say that there were most likely a lot more videogame related Peep dioramas not shown.

Anyway, Happy Easter.

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