Pee War is pretty much what it sounds like

Why do I keep covering this kind of stuff?

I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. I don’t know why I keep doing this to you. I wish I could see something as massively stupid as Pee War and ignore it like everyone else on the internet.

…but I just can’t. I can’t sit here and not present Pee War to you. It is my sworn duty to find dumb games and make you pay attention to them. I’m so sorry, everyone.

There is a war going on, and your weapon against the toils of conflict and strife is pee. In this first-person shooter, you’ll spray golden justice as soldiers attack with little by means of context or motivation. Gain power-ups like fire piss, machine gun spray, and, uh, freezing pee to shower your foes with hot (or cold) fury. There are also destructible environments, adding in an Earth Defense Force level of blocky destruction, caused solely by the power of your urinary tract.

Pee War is available for Steam, but don’t buy it. Maybe stream it, instead.

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