Peach proves she’s still got it in new trailer for Mario & Sonic at the Olympics

There seems to be a lot of premature hate towards the upcoming Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and I don’t really know why. Sure, the concept is a little ridiculous and there hasn’t been a good Sonic spin-off pretty much ever … and early reports indicate the game could be another waggle-centric mini-game fest … and no videogame based on the Olympics has ever been good … wow, maybe there are a lot of reasons to hate on this game.

But what about the above trailer? It’s so awesome (and, although entirely CG, looks stunning). For a Nintendo fan like myself, the video has it all: Yoshi playing ping-pong, Peach in a swimsuit, Luigi jumping hurdles. Seriously, all it needs is Birdo doing shot put and I would already be sold.

All of the Nintendo-themed sports games have been very fun distractions at the least, so why should this be an exception? Rumors also go that Miyamoto himself had a much bigger hand in the creation of this game than most people think. Call me a Positive Polly, but I think Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games could turn out pretty sweet.

The game will hit the Wii and DS this holiday season to get people ready for the real Olympic Games in Beijing next summer. I may be all alone here, but I can’t wait.

Chad Concelmo