PC component deals on eBay: Core i7-6700K now only $300

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We don’t usually post PC component deals on their own but this was a noteworthy price drop, particularly for fellow PC gamers looking to upgrade their build, or those starting fresh with some sizable power to tap into. Antonline, an authorized Intel dealer, has Intel’s Core i7-6700K on sale for only $300 with free shipping. This is a pretty damn good deal, considering the CPU only recently reached its MSRP of $350 in May (it was previously sold higher than list price due to limited supply). As a comparison, Amazon still has the 6700K being priced at $356 with free shipping.

For those needing a new motherboard, Antonline also has a Gigabyte Z710 mobo combo for $100 more. The savings in the bundle isn’t too much (only about $10), but cash is cash if you’re building a rig from the ground up.

A few other noteworthy deals includes a EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti for “only” $410 from Newegg, plus the sexy/popular LG 34-inch UltraWide IPS gaming monitor for $320 at Adorama.

Writing these pricing just reminds us that PC gaming can be one expensive hobby. It sure is nice we have all those Steam sales where we can buy a bunch of games we don’t play to help us save more money (hey wait a minute…)

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