PC bundle deals: Sega Genesis Classics and Atari Vault starts at $7

Yes, I’d like 100 games for $7 please

Need a little blast to the past? This week, Bundle Stars launched three decent bundles in its latest Spring Sale 2017. For each bundle that’s less than $14, you’ll be given a ton of content including classic Sega Genesis or Atari games, or even newer titles such as Rocket League

Spring Sale Bundle Deals:

For all deals use code: SPRING10

The first available bundle is the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics bundle. Here you get 59 classic Genesis and Sega CD titles for $15.49 (or $13.94 after applying the 10 percent coupon at checkout). Big-name titles included are classic Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic CD, along with franchises such as Streets of Rage, Shining Force, and Golden Axe.

The Atari Vault is similar, granting you Steam library access to 100 classic Atari 2600 and arcade games. Titles like Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Tempest, and Yars Revenge seem like endless entertainment from a simpler gaming age.

For something a bit more modern, Bundle Stars offers the Dominator Bundle which includes a copy of Rocket League and 15 other Steam keys. There are actually four tiers to the Dominator bundle, the first is only $1, but also has the least well-known titles. Going all the way up to tier 4 and forking over $14.99 (or $13.49 after the Spring Sale coupon) gets you everything.

As previously mentioned, every game included in these bundles gets activated through your Steam account. If you wanted to build a library of hundreds of games, this could do it for you without spending much cash.

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