PBC presents: The New Adventures of Captain S

We at Destructoid are always receiving new videos and content from readers who want us to help get the word out about whatever it is that they happen send us at the moment. As you would expect, some of it stands out more than others as being something that gaming geeks, such as ourselves, might actually enjoy.

Such as the case of this beauty of a show that the producer himself, Brett Vanderbrook sent to our tip line. After viewing the first episode and finding myself mildly amused, I figured it was as good a time as ever to share it with the fellow Dtoids out there. I could wax all poetic about it, but I think I’ll let Brett do all the talking for us. After all, he is the producer, you know. Did I already mention that?

It’s a series that takes Saturday morning/after school programming from the early 90s and turns it into a conglomeration of gamer-sitcom awesomeness.  Set against the backdrop of the Genesis/Nintendo consumer war of the 90s, the story follows Chad Belmont, an underachieving high school junior who has the power to enter Sega Genesis games and fight evil doers in Video Land.

His arch nemesis, NES, is the underling of a higher being known only as the Game Genie.  As the series progresses, the relationship between the characters deepens, and we begin to learn more about Chad and NES’s pasts, as well as the origins of Video Land.  In the mix are Becky and Lunk, Chad’s best friends; Stacey, the babe that Chad pines for; Darryl Popinski, the school bully; and Principal Blakemore, Chad’s natural enemy at Martin Bromley High.

So there you have it. Take a video game inspired theme, throw in some nostalgia from previous consoles, mix in some decent acting for episodic content, add a hint of Saved By the Bell, and you have the ingredients for something worth watching on the web. Did I mention that it is Screech approved? 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a few more episodes to watch. I swear to God if they pull a Lost number on us and sprinkle reruns throughout the season, I’m going to drive to New York and deliver beatdowns to all involved. I’m not joking.