PAX Prime to have first official Chiptune Music Showcase

Do you love yourself some bleeps and bloops? I know that I do and one of the coolest things about past PAX events was coming across chiptune performers plying their craft outside the Convention Center. But this year I won’t have to wander aimlessly in the hopes that I’ll come across it, as PAX Prime is bringing the players indoors to perform for the first time.

On Saturday, PAX attendees will be able to check out the Chiptune Music Showcase at Jamspace in the Convention Center from 1-4PM. Artists performing will include Fighter X, Spamtron, Knife City, SeanBad and the totally awesome Zen Albatross.

I will definitely be checking out this event at PAX. Will you?

Chiptune Events Kicking Out The Jams At PAX 2010 [Zen Albatross’ C blog]

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