PAX Prime attendance hit 70,000 and I didn’t get sick!

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Every year I get sick at PAX. It’s a combination of not sleeping, drinking too much, interacting with a bazillion people, and tons of unwashed mammals running into you in a confined space. Remember two years ago? God, I felt like I was going to die with that swine flu or whatever it was. But this year? Nothing! I’m at full health, which is great as I leave for Tokyo Game Show in about a week. 

Not getting sick is even more surprising when you consider that this was the biggest PAX ever. PAX business operations head Robert Khoo told Neowin that the show had approximately 70,000 attendees. That number makes it the largest PAX event ever held. It’s not too big yet, but I think it’s headed in that direction. Give it a few years.

Let’s hope I can fend off the Asian swine flu or whatever variant will be floating through the halls of Makuhari Messe at TGS. 

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