PAX Prime 3-day badges are sold out! (Update)

[Update 2] Three-day badges are now completely sold out. We hope you’ve got yours already!

[Update] As of 4:06 AM EDT, there were only 250 three-day passes left. Make haste!

[Original story] Planning on going to PAX Prime? Well, then you better hurry up and purchase a 3-day badge soon, as there are less than 1,000 500 passes left. Penny Arcade believes the badges will run out within the next few days, making this the fastest they’ve ever sold out. Single-day passes are still plentiful, but the best deal for your money is the 3-day pass.

PAX is Destructoid’s favorite show of the year. A majority of the staff and a ton of the Dtoid community will be at the show doing horrible crazy awesome things every night. We’re going to have a panel starring Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes and Chad Concelmo, among other fun activities. ACTIVITIES!

Check out the official PAX Group, where the Dtoid community is planning out all the fun times.

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