PAX East will stay in Boston for the next decade

When PAX East was initially created, I was ecstatic at the thought of the great conference coming to my side of the country. I initially thought that my hometown of New York City would have been the best place to hold the show, the PAX East organizers had a different idea though and decided to bring it to Boston, Massachusetts. With the show becoming a huge success, the PAX East organizers and the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority have come to an agreement that will keep the show in Boston until 2023.

As part of this deal, the PAX East crew has also decided to donate $50,000 this year and $25,000 for the next 11 years to the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute for game creation education. This will help cultivate the rapidly growing New England game creation scene.

So, Boston Dtoiders, while my G-Men and Rangers will continue to beat up on your Patriots and Bruins, take comfort in knowing that a great videogame event will be staying in your area for the long foreseeable future. That should ease the pain a bit.

PAX East commits to Boston until 2023 [Joystiq]

Andrew Benton