PAX East panel/band schedule is up + I’m on a panel!

PAX East 2011 is looking better by the second and the panel schedule looks like it’s rocking. This year’s keynote is by Jane McGonigal, author of “Reality is Broken” and one of the creative minds behind I Love Bees. The keynote begins at 10:30AM at the Main Theatre.

Around that same time, I’m going to be on a panel! The Online Gaming Communities and “Real Life” Relationships panel is being held in the Cat Theatre on Friday from 11:00AM to 12:00PM. Derek Nolan, Co-Founder of 2old2play will be hosting the panel that I’ll be on along with Ross Furman from SFX360, Stan Press from Astro Gaming and Morgan Romine from the Frag Dolls/Ubisoft. We’re going to be talking about the online gaming communities we’re part of, our real life experiences interacting with strangers from the Internet and other sappy sh*t like that.

And on the concert front, The Protomen, MC Frontalot and Metroid Metal will all be playing Friday night and VGO (Video Game Orchestra), Paul and Storm and Jonathan Coulton all perform Saturday night. Can’t wait to see The Protomen live!

If you’re going to PAX East this year, be sure to join our Google Group where we’re planning for all the good times.

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