PAX East 10: DDO Update 4 to introduce zombie pirates

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Turbine’s other MMO Dungeons and Dragons Online has managed to double its subscriber base since it switched free-to-play earlier last year. Moving with that positive momentum, the studio has plans to release three more content updates in 2010, the next of which is scheduled to hit in April — and it’s a doozy.

Update 4, or “Sentinels,” is essentially a social expansion pack that adds a new character — the Sentinel — and a new quest line for players to rip through. The quest plot goes something like this: the roughneck Sentinels, the so-called “elite guards” in the DDO universe, are getting trashed by both pirates and an evil necromancer who fancies resurrecting dead pirates. As each bad man hits the floor, the Sentinels have to re-battle their victims in undead form. You’ll be tasked with helping, and eventually eradicating the Necromancer in his lair, and more importantly, on top of his pirate boat “The Black Loch.”

Look forward to more updates this summer — updates that will usher in UI improvements, a new race, cosmetic items and Guild Airships. Here’s to hoping the clan airships smell better than the “T” in Boston. Seriously, Boston, clean this thing. I have some Fabreeze in my car if you need donations.

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