PAX 2008 will be packed with exhibitors, makes other events look bad

You keep saying it: PAX will be so much better than E for All. And it’s not like we don’t believe it or agree with you. But now this newly released list of exhibitors for the 2008 Penny Arcade Expo really shows that they’re not f*cking around.

The August 29th-31st event will include Nintendo, Sony Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Activision. Hell, that’s better than E3!

“We nearly doubled our exhibition hall and added another 80,000 square feet of content overall, so the show is going to be pretty amazing this year,” says Penny Arcade’s Robert Khoo. “You should come. I think you would like it.”

The press release also drops these bullet points:

  • The ECTO-1, of Ghostbusters fame, will be on display for all three days of PAX
  • The PAX 10 independent games showcase, to thrill and delight you
  • Two nights of music that will almost certainly change your life

Personally, I’m particularly fond of the last bullet point. I’ll shamelessly request (again) that you come see The OneUps play. We’ll do your ears right.

Even if you don’t dig game music, you will surely find something to like among the massive list of exhibitors. Hit the jump to get a look at the full list.

I’ll ask again: Are we going to see you there? Destructoid will be there in full force. Come join us!

Complete List of PAX 2008 Exhibitors:


– 2K Games

– Activision

– Antec, Inc.

– Astro Gaming

-The Behemoth

– Bethesda

– Bioware

– Blizzard

– Brawndo

– Bungie

– CCP/Whitewolf



– Cogswell Polytechnical College

– Cryptic Studios

– D3P

– Destineer

– Dolby

– EA Mythic

– ECA (Entertainment Consumer’s Association)

– Electronic Arts

– Fantasy Flight Games

– Flying Frog Productions

– Flying Lab Software

– Foundation 9 Entertainment

– Game Publishers Association

– Gamecock

– GameTrailers

– Garage Games

– Guildhall at SMU

– Harmonix

– Hothead Games

– Hudson

– Indiecade

– Intel

– ITT Tech

– Klei Entertainment

– Media-blasters NYC

– Mega64

– Meteor Games

– Microsoft XNA

– Microsoft

– Midway

– Namco Bandai

– NCsoft

– Nintendo

– Nokia

– Patriot Memory

– Pegasus Publishing

– Pink Godzilla

– Plantronics

– Privateer Press

– Razer

– Rockstar


– Sierra/Vivendi

– Sony

– SouthPeak Games

– Stardock

– Sumo Lounge

– Telltale


– Tinderbox Entertainment

– Tritton Technologies

– Turbine

– Ubisoft

– Udon Entertainment / Oni Press

– Upper Deck

– Vivox

– Wizards of the Coast

– Zenimax

Dale North