PAX 2008: Here’s what Sega is showing at PAX 2008

PAX is getting ever so closer and we’re just now finally starting to see what all the big guns have up their sleeves for the show. Here’s what Sega has planned for all of you to get your disgusting little hands on:

  • Bleach Dark Souls (DS)
  • Dinosaur King (DS)
  • Sonic Chronicles (DS)
  • Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)
  • Yakuza 2 (PS2) 

The gorgeous Dale North played Valkyria Chronicles at E3 and pretty much loved the game:

I don’t doubt that Sony is happy that this exclusive is coming down the line for them, as they’ve needed something like this, that would appeal to the role-playing gamer, for some time now.

I haven’t heard or seen much on Bleach Dark Souls or Dinosaur King, but we do have a couple of galleries for Sonic Chronicles and Yakuza 2 that you can check out. I look forward to trying out Yakuza 2 the most out of Sega’s lineup, if only for the chance to get a hooker and sex her up right on the PAX show floor.

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