PAX 2008: Dtoid Community Meetup – We want to make you a star, baby!

PAX is only ONE WEEK AWAY and everyone is just excited beyond belief. So many of you are going, and we can’t wait to hang out with every single one of you. In fact, we want to get you guys and gals attending PAX on the front page while we’re at it. More on that in a bit.

First things first: if you are going to PAX and would like to meet up with Destructoid,  RSVP by commenting on this post with what days you’ll be in Seattle.  Please don’t post any personal or identifying information, unless you want pedophiles in your pantsu. If you’d like us to call you, send us your info at tips @

Next on to activities! Check out the PAX map that coonskin05 was awesome enough to put together. You don’t have to, but if you feel like putting down where you’re staying, then go for it.

As far as where you can find Mr. Destructoid and the rest of the Dtoid crew:

  • Thursday: We’ll announce what we’re doing during the day next week, but the majority of the community will be at the Redwood bar on 514 E Howell Street around 9 PM.
  • Friday: We’re going to catch some lunch at the Cheesecake Factory located right outside of the convention center at 3 PM. Afterward, it’ll be more of the show floor until 9 PM, when the concerts start and our boy Dale North will be performing with The OneUps.
  • Saturday: Find us at the Destructoid panel in the Walrus Theatre at 4 PM. Then come hang out with us at Shorty’s on 2222 2nd Avenue, #A. It’s a bit of a walk … so there may be singing and fanny poking. According to Qais, it’s a really great place with cheap beer. Plus, it has a ton of pinball machines.
  • Sunday: Find us at the main entrance of the convention center building at 12 PM. PAX ends at 6 PM on Sunday, and we’ll be at GameWorks around 8 PM. If it ends up being super-crowded, then we’ll fall back to Six Arms bar on 300 E Pike Street. You can’t miss us. We hang out with a guy that wears a robot helmet.

Now then, I’m sure you’re wondering how we’re going to make you an Internet superstar. Hit the jump to find out!

It’s simple, really. On top of us doing our regular hands-on write-ups with the games that will be on the show floor, we want get as many of you as we can on camera and hear what you have to say about the games.

For example, Chad Concelmo will grab three people, and they will all play Princess Dolphin: Queen of the Rainbow for the DS. Afterwards, Chad will ask some basic questions regarding the game you played and find out what your impressions are.

It’s that easy. Every editor going will pull three or so people aside and ask them a few basic questions. We’re aiming for these videos to be about three minutes long and to go up on the site as soon as possible.

And again, if you’re going to PAX, let us know in the comments below! See you next week, Dtoiders.

Spoiler: We’re also looking for a volunteer at the PAX panel on Saturday to join us on stage. We can’t tell you what it’s all about — just grab a chair near the front of the room if you’re interested and have nuts of steel. 

Hamza Aziz