PAX 10: Super Meat Boy hands-on interview gets gishy

Hey, did you hear the news? Super Meat Boy won Destructoid’s coveted PAX Game of the Show award. It’s coveted to the point that it’s practically sinful. People covet this sh*t for real. 

I didn’t play Super Meat Boy until the last day of PAX. Since I’d already played the game last year, and because the game always had huge crowds around it, I didn’t give it top priority. That was probably for the best. The game is such a time sink. If I had started playing it on Friday, I might not have been stuck there until my plane left. New characters, new boss fights, and tear-jerking cut scenes. It’s all hear folks. Hot stuff.

While shooting the game, we got to talk Jordan and Danny from the game’s sound team. They are sadistic and heartless men. I love them. Take a listen to what they have to say.

[Update]– Hey! This video has some mild spoilers pertaining to the end of World 2 of Super Meat Boy. Beware!

Jonathan Holmes
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