PAX 10: Raskulls interview with Phil Larsen

I have always been a little bit fussy with Xbox Live Arcade games, and for a long time nothing has really knocked Castle Crashers off that top spot on my hard drive. But now a challenger appears.

I bring you Raskulls, an utterly addictive title for XBLA, complete with Mr. Destructoid as a playable character! Phil Larsen, CMO of Halfbrick, finds some time to chat to us about Raskulls, its gameplay, and the challenges of creating a great title with a small development team.

Before we set about filming the interview, both Daniel Carneiro and I spent some time playing; admittedly, we had a lot of fun, and are both super excited about playing this game with all the lovely Dtoid community members when it launches. It has “Friday Night Fights” written all over it!

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